"Documenting the Women's Movement in Chicago 1960s - 1980s"
  Project Launch at the Chicago History Museum 

   A Photo Gallery   
   Photos by:  Rene Edde and Karen Kring.  Click on photo to enlarge, then click on "Back" button to return to this page.
Sara Evans, Jackie Kirley, and Sue Coughlin,
CWHC Secretary, just before the program begins.
CWHC board members Kathryn DeGraff, left, and Sue Coughlin, right. Mary Smith with video camera.
Erin McCarthy, historian from Columbia
College, discusses saving oral histories.
Audience members and activists Kathy Mallin, Lauren Crawford, Estelle Carol and Bob Simpson, 
Elizabeth Myers, archivist at Women and Leadership Archives, Loyola, and CWHC board member, speaks about archiving historic items.
Wilma Stevens from the Vetran Feminists of America introduces Mary Jean Collins.
Mary Ann Johnson, CWHC President, 
welcomes everyone and  introduces the speakers.
Susan Devora Bernstein and Jean Hunt share a laugh at the reception.
Mary Jean Collins, long time women's advocate,
recounts her memories of Chicago during the Second Wave.
Lisa Oppenheim, CWHC board member, 
helps participant complete a survey. 
Helen Ramirez Odell and Charlotte Adelman share
experiences at the reception. 
Sara Evans, Jean Peterman and Judith Gardner recall old times.
Sharon Alter, CWHC Vice President, on the
left, talks with activist Robin Kaufman.
Wilma Stevens chats with Mary Branden, both former Chicago Now presidents.
Maureen Hellwig, CWHC board member, on the left with friends Donna Koehler and Judy Bacon.
CWHC board members, Beverly Cook and Beth Myers, left and center, talk with Jackie Kirley.
Activist, Linda Strothman, embraces Mary Jean Collins.
Rima Lunin Schultz, CWHC board member, on the
right, talks with old friends Terry Moon and Franklin Demetria. 
Suzanne Davenport, left, shares a private moment a with fellow activist.
Dori Jacobson, Helen Ramirez Odell and Wilma
Stevens, left to right, have fun remembering old times. 
Two old friends greet each other at the reception.
Judith Gardner, women's studies, and Sara Evans, historian.
Videographer Mary Cele Smith documents the program and the reception as Jean Klauber, on the right, talks with a friend.